Cycling: Wind Simulation Interval Workout

Cycling: Wind Simulation Interval Workout

This is great interval workout for simulating windy conditions on an indoor training or when you're outside with little wind. Warning: this will a very enjoyable, easy, fun and not painful workout if done properly.

If you're training for a triathlon attempt to maintain areo position the whole time.

Warm Up: 10 Minutes

Main Set:

8 Minutes - Cycling in HR Zone 4. Stay in chain and big gears targeting 60-70 rpm. You should feel your legs and breath.
2 Minutes - Recovery in HR Zone 3. You may, educe resistance slightly while maintaining your cadence.
x 7

Optional Next Level Fun: Every other set, spend 2 minutes in HR Zone 5 while maintaining cadence (i.e increase your resistance more). So you end up with:

6 Minutes in Z4
2 Minutes in Z5
2 Minutes recovery in Z3

Cool Down: 10 Minutes - HR Zone 1-2. 90-100 rpm at lower resistance, feel the difference.

Total Time: 1.5 Hours